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The Government yesterday unveiled changes Nike Fs Lite Run 3 Sports Direct

""copperjohn, there is a difference between parking on a derelict car park surrounded by some derelict buildings and on an active playing field area. Just remember the piles of refuse and the damage done in past such episodes and the costly effect on a playing field area. Hardly surprising that there was disquiet."

"The police did go on there yesterday and spoke to them.

Nike Free Montreal

One of the travellers told the Post they had come from Strasbourg in France.

That they disrespect the communities which they invade goes without saying. In a past life our home had an almost seventeen acre field immediately at its front which was frequented by members of the travelling community. Along with their general antisocial behaviour of bathing in local pubs toilets and burning unwanted caravans I had to chase them away on a number of occasions for trying to steal the childrens clothes from the washing line and also in the middle of the night when they were trying to steal the childrens toys. The clear up was indeed expensive and time consuming.

Nike Free Montreal

They said they were not concerned by the camp but were worried the travellers could be at risk because they thought there might be asbestos in nearby derelict buildings.

of tarmac and garden refuse and burn their caravans in the knowledge that the travellers will get the blame?

Nike Free Montreal

As for using them as scapegoats? Scapegoats for what? Are you suggesting that local long term residents use the arrival of the travelling community as an opportunity to steal clothes off of each others washing lines, defecate in carrier bags, dump piles Nike Free Ace Lthr

At the West Bridgford site, Rushcliffe Borough Council has closed the pitches until further notice.

But the Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles said these regulations will be scrapped.

""That they disrespect the communities which they invade goes Nike Free Trainers

No one from Total Car Park could be reached for comment yesterday.

Nike Free Montreal

Nike Free Montreal

Nike Free Montreal

meant to make it easier for councils to move on travellers who occupy sights illegally.

´╗┐Travellers set up a second camp in Notts at car park

Nike Free Montreal

Nike Free Montreal

Another person living nearby, who also did not want to be named, said: "We don't bother them and they don't bother us.

How did you come to know the past, present and future activities of all travellers copperjohn? Are you psychic? Or just stereotyping. Scapegoating is easy."

Saturday, March 30 2013, 7:20PM

A handful of other empty buildings are still on the site.

A woman living in Boden Street, who did not want to be named, said: "They're not troubling us, we are just worried about them going into the buildings."

Mick Howden, 84, a retired joiner living in Clifford Street opposite the camp, said: "I'm not bothered by it at all although I know there are people who are concerned about it.

How so? In both instances they are on the doorstep of the communities they have chosen to visit. The site in Radford is currently being used as a car park and the camp in West Bridgford is used for recreation and leisure.

One of the group, who didn't wish to be named, said: "It's not a problem, we're only planning on staying here for five or six days and then we'll look at moving on."

"The car park is not really being used I'd imagine some people might be scared off."

The car park is run by Total Car Park Limited on the former site of several buildings which made up the Forest Mills complex and have recently been demolished.

It was, I suppose, a poor choice of words. Maybe "It is very likely that they will continue to disrespect the communities which they invade" would have been better.

without saying."

Nike Free Montreal

The travellers there have said they will move on over the weekend.

Nike Free Montreal

To balance, they did enrol their children for the duration of their stay at the local school and did acknowledge the importance of giving their offspring the option to not continue in their footsteps.

Upon hearing that the building near Nike Free Montreal the site might contain asbestos, he said: "It's fine the children will be careful and we'll keep an eye on them. As I said, it's not a problem."

Nike Free Montreal

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