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I guess I did something wrong when I tried to post this before since it didn get posted.

Nike Free Flyknit Green

Nike Free Flyknit Green

A healthy fine follows non compliance.

They give the property owner 15 30 days to clean it up.

´╗┐Trashy next door neighbor


that except put up a privacy fence and a hedge.

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Nike Free Flyknit Green

that bad when we bought back in September but now we have sheets at the windows and all the kids "stuff" outside and the leftover Christmas inflatables laying around. I check to see who the owner is and maybe a friendly conversation will be all it takes

Nike Free Flyknit Green

I had problems with my next door neighbors driving up my driveway to park on their front yard. A planting of bushes and trees and a call to the city fixed that.

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The City ticketed them for not having all 4 wheels of their vehicle(s) on paved surfaces.

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And was cheaper to clean it up than to appeal the notice ie. $250.

I have been on the receiving end of this as I had a parts car in the yard of the duplex in which I a tenant.

I appreciate all the advice. I will have to look into the local ordinances and see if there is a "handle" I can use. It is in a small town and not part of a HOA. It is a family with lots of kids and I think they might be renting. The parents don seem to be around too much. I didn notice anything Nike Free Huarache Carnivore Emerald

Nike Free Flyknit Green

So, long story short, even if there is no HOA, there are usually city ordinances regarding blight that don get enforced until a squeeky wheel squeeks. It may not fix all your problems to report the neighbors to the city, but it might fix some of them. You can do it by phone, by internet and even anonymously (if you prefer) in my city.

I agree with Chris Calabrese. In fact, I was just thinking about how to handle a similar situation before I read this question here. I came up with the same solution as Chris. I see formal complaints as a last resort, not as the first option.

Nike Free Flyknit Green

Those neighbors don like me much anymore, but I could care less. I happy though, that they have a brand new driveway expansion and no more dead spots in their yard. Now to get them to mow it.

Is this property just in the county or city limits?? Call the appropriate code enforcement and they will go out and give a warning or they will start fining them. Let them know you will be marketing your house and is there anything you can do to help them clean it up.

If your city has a by law enforcement officer they will go out and determine the status of the property when someone files a complaint.

Are you in a subdivision?? If so HOA can start fining them after you turn them Nike Fs Lite Trainer 3 Orange

I wouldn lift a finger to help an irresponsible neighbor that would just take advantage of you.

If they respond negatively like things as they are, then you have to go the hard route report them if in violation, but expect issues if you do, as once you anger neighbors, things tend to turn ugly. And it really bad when there is no violation, just weeds, dead grass, garbage cans everywhere, trailers, even Nike Free Flyknit Green had one guy who collected aluminum cans and bought tons of yard sale stuff to resell and kept it all in his yard. Nothing you can do with Nike Lunar Presto Shoes

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